37 Year Old Woman Wins Lottery!

Susie Smith, 37 year old mother from Freeland, won the biggest lottery ever on Friday September 14 after purchasing the a Powerball from Jake's Deli after coming home from work.
Susie is a frequent shopper at the deli, and on the night of ThursdaySeptember 13 she bought her weekly Powerball ticket. That ticket turned out to contatin the winning numbers to a jackpot worth $210,000,000.

When interviewed, Susie said I always get the Thursday night Powerball, and when I heard that it would be the highest valued lottery payout ever, I had a feeling that tonight [Thursday September 13] was my night to win. Susie plans touse her winnings to pay off her bills, start college funds for her chirldren, and invest. She also wants to make a difference in the community, and plans to donate part of her winnings to the Freeland Elementary School and the three churches in town.