How to play: Hit WASD to move, Space to jump, Shift to crouch, LMB to shoot, R to reload, F to spray paint. is good 3d MMO game which suitable for you to prove your shooting skill. It will lead the player to a large dangerous map where you have to attempt to survive. You will have the great chance to practice, improve your abilities as well as to -play with a lot of strong opponents throughout the real world at once. In order to take over the top spot, you’d better defeat all of them and gather the highest score.
Before you can embark on the adventure, you need to pick out a soldier that you like most. Next, you are allowed to discover every corner of the battlefield in Be careful! Dodge deadly attacks if you are not sure or you can die in an instant. Crouch, jump and do whatever to keep you safe until you are ready to revenge. Aside from using your gun, you are able to spray the paint on walls or on the foe. Much fun!