Guide to Embeding a Video In A Website!

1. Open A video hosting service (like YouTube or Vimeo). For this guide I will use Youtube.

2. Find the video that you want to use for your website.

3. In order to embed the video into your website, you must first click on the "Share" button.

4. Once you click on the "Share" button, many options will appear on your screen. To put the video into your website, you must click the "Embed" button as shown.

5. After you click on the "Embed" button, you will see a screen that lets you view the source code. Click on the "Copy" button.

6. After step 5 is complete, you no longer need to keep the Youtube tab open. Open your html editor and paste the newly copied source code inside of a paragraph tag. This can be done by clicking the Control (ctrl) key and "v" at the same time.

Congratulations! At this point you should have a fully functional video embedded into your website. If you need to go back and review some steps feel free to. If these instructions were not thorough enough or you are confused, click on the video below.